8 Mistakes Small Business Owners make with their Bookkeeping

So proud and loud at the premier top spot has to be doing it all yourself, so then; Either you or your spouse/parnter doing it all yourself with no previous knowledge, although you were good at maths, so think that this will help you do it all correctly.  Hang on though, didnt you start this […]

Bank Charges

Over the last few days there have been many cries about bank charges and how prohibitive they have now become, add this to the fact that many existing bank clients are having overdraft reduced and rates increased when renewal comes around, its no wonder bank are now being accussed of ripping off customers. One big […]

Working Capital

Working Capital is the lifeblood of any business, be it for subsistence or expansion. With the recession now officially being over, businesses NEED funding in order to profit from the upturn in orders and business. However, the effect of the recession means that companies may have had cash-flow pressures over the last few years from […]

The Budget and Small Business

A few points to sumarise the main affects the budget will have on business in the forthcoming year. The salient points then: RBS and Lloyds are to provide a total £94 million in business loans, with half of that being lent to small businesses Firms who wish to complain about receiving unfair treatment re being […]

Limited Company or Sole Trader?

To incorporate or not?

This is the one question that constantly arises from traders, about whether or not they should operate their business as a soletradership, or as a limited company.

Like all decisions in life there are plusses and minuses, and NO right answer.

There are a myriad of issues in respect of commercial reality, tax mitigation, perception to customers and suppliers, and the feel good factor.

The Business Plan Banks Like to Read

If you are a start up or an existing business, getting the money right is the difference between success and failure. One of the main reasons a business fails is due to poor or inadequate funding.

When you go into business, one of your aims is to grow and be a success and getting the right finance in place is all part of that. The first step then is preparing a business plan that the bank will like and get all the relevant information from. Your business plan should map out the direction you intend heading in and how you are going to make it happen.