Commercial Finance

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance Typically it is suitable for businesses selling to other businesses on credit terms and typically provides up to 90 per cent of invoice value the day after it is raised. This can offer a much needed cash injection and can allow businesses to grow rapidly without overtrading.

Wage Finance

Wage finance This can provide established businesses with an unsecured facility equal to nine weeks wages including PAYE and is often used as an alternative to invoice finance.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance This allows you to purchase assets for the business that can aid expansion. Usually the asset itself is used as security but in some instances small personal guarantees may be requested from lenders. Suitable assets range from office furniture/equipment to industrial machinery.

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgages These allow businesses to purchase new premises that can accommodate a growing venture. Typically some form of deposit is required but this amount can vary dramatically. Self certified options are available for those who cannot prove income as they have just started out, and we are now dealing with a new Company who can offer Property Development Finance.
So to find out more, contact me on 01257 474 626 and have an informal chat about commercial finance and see if I can find you something to help your business grow.

PS We do not charge for our lending services and are paid by the lender.