Tax return – is that a ‘dirty’ word to you?

Does it bring you out in a rash?

Or are you one of the organised and have already done it?

I know that from experience that a lot of people put their heads in the sand and leave it to the last moment, then suddenly drop everything on their accountant at the start of January, knowing they are pushing their luck, yet still expecting the miracle of everything being done and submitted for them.

Ok, so advantages to doing it early then?

Well, for starters, doing it early means you can budget for the amount you will possibly have to pay, as admit it, suddenly having to find a large sum in January is not ideal, as its usually a lean month for most. Also, did you realise that getting the information to your accountant or tax advisor early, means they would usually offer you a decent rate for their services, yet the nearer you get to the deadline, the more they can charge you.

After all, you left it so late, why shouldnt they charge you for spending all weekend pouring over your figures?

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