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What is Google My Business?

If you have been living under a stone for the last five years you won’t have heard of this, but many have, but are unsure what it’s about, and with everything you are unsure, you ignore it!  But why?? Don’t you want to be on the first page of Google?


How to do Google My Business Listinggoogle my business

And how do you get on it?

Easy – google it, no honestly just google it.  You then have the option of adding your business and all your details of where you are, so your contact details, what category you are in, your logo even, and wow thinks you, this is soooo easy!

But then you get to the verification part.  Yep, its not quite that straightforward – you have to sit and wait for Google to send you a postcard – can you really be bothered?

It’s at this stage a few more drop out of it – loosing interest and thinking, ‘well if I have to do that, it can’t be that important – can it?’

Then for those that stick at it – five days later a postcard comes from Google and you sit and look at it and wonder – ‘what next?’

Follow the instructions – yes, it gives you how to do it – Google ain’t that bad.

OK, so more drop offs – as they feel overwhelmed.

But those that stuck around – they’ve done it!! They are on!! They are listed!!


Why are they not showing up on the first page in that vital first three in the ‘pack’?

It’s not quite that easy is it?

So What Now for my Listing?

Well, you can read up and see what you can do – spend some hours, then eventually give up


you can simply get someone to do it for you


do some training on how to fix it!


Oh and this is the good bit for us – well there had to be – surely you realised that?

We do it for you or we train you – can’t be easier than that can it?


Get in touch, speak to us and we will help you get there – no really – we will!